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Hubby’s Perspective 5 key points he learned during pregnancy

By March 19, 2017 General, Parenting, parenting rant, Pregnancy, Randomness

So.. ur pregnant.. CONGRADULATIONS!! Now lets get real here, often times when the woman gets pregnant hubby/boyfriend/spouse gets put on the back burner.. I know I know.. I mean WE ARE the ones pushing a 7.. no 8.. no 9.. no maybe even 10 pound little one out our whoo hahs so really… I mean REAAALLLLLY does it matter if they’re put to the side a whee bit??

To be honest YES, the man is just as important in this journey as YOU ARE. I mean really you made this little one together didn’t you?? He’s ultimately the one who is going to be they’re threw the random crying sprees and every un-glamorous thing you didn’t even know about (don’t worry I’ll cover that on a later post) so for you guys out there I sat down and asked my Mr. what he didn’t realize would happen during my pregnancy.. SPOILER.. it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be!!

OK.. so in the movies they usually talk about ridiculous vomiting, crazy mood swings, cravings that knock him out of bed at 3 am, lack of sexual interest, and hair loss right?? These are five things he originally expected… But low and behold 5 things he didn’t expect..

1. She didnt wake me up or make me go get her food like I thought she would.. like what you watch in the movies, her cravings were actually pretty manageable.. some of them were still pretty gross though.. like raw onions. (Yes I know quite gross, but for some reason the last trimester I wanted to chomp on that they’re onion.. RAW)
2. NO ONE mentions that your going to fart more.. annnnddd so he was faced with the hard truth of me ripping some major butt puffs that NEITHER of us enjoyed.
3. Another thing no one mentions.. both DURING pregnancy and AFTER, your hormones are raging like crazy, therefore you SWEAT like an olympic athlete which again.. not so fun. can I say EWW?? say hello to 2 showers a day.. XD
4. You know how you watch those preggers movies and the girl is screaming at her husband while stuffing her face with a twinky and then 5 minutes later balling her eyes out begging for forgiveness?? Well According to hubby those movies re dramatized.. Although don’t worry I totally balled my eyes out randomly he said it was not nearly as bad as he was expecting.. Yay me!!

5. Ahhh SEX its what got you into these “Shenanigan’s” Right?? Don’t kid yourself.. its what happens when you do the NAST..AY. Anyways Personally our sex life didnt really change, even when I felt like a beached whale toward the end of pregnancy.. sex was well.. sexay as usual. =)

I will say I feel like the pregnancy was ALOT worse than what he remembers, but I guess that’s to be expected.. as a little secret.. your man’s t-shirts and jackets are WAY more comfortable than your own. 😉

AND as a last thought.. you men out they’re this was my hubby and I’s experience I have to say every pregnancy and individual is different.. but definately expect you shirts and sweaters to be stolen (It’s a comfort thing).. just remember support your boo threw the rough and the great.. It will all be WAY worth it in the end. 🙂

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The truth of my pregnancy

By March 17, 2017 Parenting, parenting rant, Pregnancy

Ahhhh Pregnancy, such a beautiful thing right? Everyone talks about how oh your glowing! You look amazing! your not that big! really now??
When lets get real here.. your sweating like a pig, even feel like one, and your hormones are making you snort like one to. Am I right?? Well I’m here to get down to the Nitty Gritty of my pregnancy experience.. here’s how my pregnancy looked..

SPOILER!! I was NOT healthy threw most of my pregnancy.. I mean were honest here right?? well those pregnancy cravings aint no joke!!

My diet mainly consisted of hot cheetos and spicy lays potato chips, but as you can see the first about month I was on a “diet” of ginger ale, ginger snaps, annnnnnnd.. you see there hidden in the basket? Yup!! You guessed it.. MORE Hot Cheetos.

There are so many things people dont tell you when your pregnant. I mean there are the common things.. you know all the jokes about barfing, waddling, and eating pickles with ice cream?

That’s all fine and dandy, but what about the things NO ONE wants to talk about.. such as your boobs are so sore even showering is a struggle, you can count running without peeing on yourself out, or the fact your hormones rule the world and you may cry at those baby clothes you spot at target.. but its alright just BELIEVE ME.. its completely normal.

I will be completely honest, I didnt really enjoy being pregnant. I had about 2 months were I really enjoyed it, and while everyone kept telling me I would miss it when it was done, (so I better enjoy it) my thought was HA! YOUR CRAZY!!

Now that its all done though and my son is almost 2 months now I have to say I DEFINITELY miss feeling his fluttering kicks.

I did have a wonderful pregnancy while also a kinda terrible on if you catch my drift.. despite the tedious wonders of a changing body that included but not limited to: hair falling out, sweating profusely, crying, getting angry, easily winded, and swolen feet.

It also included the miracle of a life my husband and I created which included but wasnt limited to: that first sight of the little blob, the sound of his heart beat, the feeling of his kicks, the intense emotions towards my growing son and my husband.
Lastly the constant support of GOD walking me threw the process… I swear he would tell me “Oh quit your whining, your gonna want another one when you see what I have in store for you.” And lets be honest… he was right.. in fact EVERYONE was.. Pregnancy is a miracle.. and despite the nitty gritty not so glamorous parts.. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.. and a BADASS!! ;D

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Breastfeeding: Why diet is important

By March 7, 2017 breast feeding, Health, Parenting, Pregnancy

Hey guys! I’m sure just like me you guys tried to do a lot of research as to the pros and cons of breast feeding.. what you should eat.. so on and so forth right? I mean there is so much information it makes your head spin doesn’t it? Believe me I know how your feeling, specially if your like me. A first time mom, still learning to juggle everyday chores and everything else.

Now lets get down to MY “nitty gritty.” I put my in bold because I’m speaking strictly from my experience. Breastfeeding is HARD! No doubt about it! I mean between cracked and sore nipples, painful boobies when they fill with milk, being bitten or clamped on because baby is frustrated.. the list goes on and on. Even with all the discomfort though I feel privileged to be able to breast feed,  why? Because some mother’s either can’t or choose not to.

Don’t get me wrong they’re is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with feeding formula. Don’t listen to all those butthead’s out they’re if you are a mother who chooses to feed formula or your boobies just didnt want to keep up. I have had to feed formula because of not producing enough but also reasons that have to do with my food which I will get to..

But lets get back to you mommas who are breast feeding. This is a serious nitty gritty conversation about what no one told me when it comes to feeding my little one. If your like me the Dr mentioned having a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water right? But what does that mean? Honestly my version of healthy is eating chicken, broccoli and brown rice and having some fun meals a few times a week. Just remembering to eat is a task in itself when you first come home, but what I’m about to tell you will probably blow your.

Just for an example of why I had to feed formula besides not producing enough milk and why your food intake is so important: I had only been home a few days and wanted a snack, so I grabbed one of my favorite granola’s a “fig bar.” Now I had been told kind of by family that what you eat may affect baby, but were talking more along the lines of spicy foods and that kind of thing.. like dont eat chili sauce right? Wrong. SO WRONG. Long story short, still getting used to not only breast feeding but manually pumping as well Nehemiah ended up in screaming fits because of gas and blowing up diapers to high heaven. My poor child was miserable and in pain because of one simple granola… who would have thought? It was a whoarer night of throwing away breast milk and feeding formula instead.

As the weeks have flown by I began to notice a pattern, which was after eating crappy food Nehemiah would be in a fussy tizzy, and so my husband and I began to start meal prepping again so I would stick to healthier options that benefited both Nemo and myself. Just as a background my meals consisted of healthy green leafy options and high protein. After countless gassy days though I began to realise something.. just because they’re healthy foods does not mean thy are going to work for baby, so I compiled a list of things that can really affect baby that know one really warned me about.

So lets talk about the foods you should just automatically stay away from because of gassiness. For myself Nemo has the farts of a grown man and gets very mad and upset about it. Any moms have the same experience? Anyways just in my opinion I would cut out onions, broccoli, esperagus (I’m pretty positive I spelled that wrong, but for you wordy’s out there laugh it off), cabbage, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, and beans. I have spinach or kale instead for my leafy greens.

I have also cut out all my favorite spicy foods such as sriracha and tapatio which if you know anything about me you know this literally kills my flavor buds. So if your like me just do yourself a favor and get it the hell out of your house now… yes you can do it!


I do have to say I’m still learning different things that just unfortunately don’t work for my son to eat, but this is a step in the right direction. I’m not saying you can’t indulge, just trying to prepare you as to why your child is screaming bloody murder when you have that extra hot chili, or you are giving yourself a face palm when he/she blows up a diaper so bad it squirts out all over not only their clothes but you because you decided to have a greesy hamburger from mcdonalds. Take my advice, if your going to indulge have milk pumped and ready to go. After that just be mindful of what affects you and your baby… Your Welcome!! ;D

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Lactation Mug Brownie!

By March 4, 2017 Fitness, Food, General, Health, Parenting, Pregnancy


Ok guys, I dont know about you but being a new mother and breast feeding I’m always worried about  if I’m producing enough milk for my son Nehemiah. I have resorted to pumping threw-out the day and bottle feeding him what I pump to truly see not only how much I am producing but how much he eats, and sense he does not complain at night letting him get it straight from the tap. ;p

I chose to do this for myself because for about a week he began getting extremely fussy leaving me to hold him all day and not get the things done I wanted to, such as cleaning the house. Which is a super important thing to do because my husband works and we have three big shedding German shepherds. This can put a damper on my house as their fur balls tend to develop their own personal vendetta against our air quality!

Anyways.. sense Nemo was having a few fussy days I began to be concerned about what I was producing, and after confirming this while pumping hardly anything I did some research. Now the only thing my research told me was how expensive lactation products are including tea, cookies, bars, etc. So this brings me to making my own yummy products.

I wanted to stay as healthy as possible while also getting my sweet fix but I will say you can get the ingredients from any store, they Do not have to be organic.

I have a few different recipes to promote healthy lactation (paired with consistent pumping threw- out the day) but to start this is my 5 minute brownie mug cake. I love this cake because its the perfect amount of fluffiness and sweetness to get my fix while providing protein for a snack or a yummy dessert. I do have to say this is not just for lactation but a healthy dessert alternative for ANYONE who loves chocolate!! I hope you enjoy!


1 large mug

1 extra ripe bannana

1 tbsp cocoa powder

1 egg

1/4 cup ground oats (oat flower)

1 tbsp ground flax (I got mine from walmart)

1 tsp Brewers Yeast (I got mine from amazon)

1 tsp cinnamon

small handful of 64% cocoa choc chips

Ok, this is when it gets fun.. mix all ingredients but the chips in the mug with a fork, fold all ingredients together and then add the chocolate chips. Microwave on high for 1 min. Check the consistency and add another minute if needed. If you would like a chocolate syrup I made a healthy version:

1 tbsp raw organic honey, or agave nectar

1 tbsp cocoa powder

1 tbsp almond milk… microwave a few seconds and mix together. poor over cake for added sweetness.

And there you have it!! A wonderful healthy alternative to a candy bar that promotes lactation. How does it do this might you ask? Well upon doing research they’re are a few ingredients in this recipe that promote lactation: Bananas, Brewers yeast, flax, and oats. Thats it!! I hope you enjoy, and if you have your own lactation recipe let me know!

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