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It’s a SERIOUSLY?! Kinda day

By March 19, 2017 General, parenting rant, Randomness

You know when you make a SERIOUS plan for that day and your goal is to get everything done, and then SURPRISE its 5 O’clock and you got nothing done besides sitting on your butt?? Well If you don’t I’m honestly quit jealous.. or your just not being very truthful. Let me explain.. My list was as follows:
– Gym
– make breakfast
– clean house
– go to my moms house for a bit
– get pig food
– work horses/take 2 month baby pictures
– hubby was going to clean yard

Did any of this happen?? NO. Lets get real.. I woke up at 7:45 plenty of time to have a successful day right?? NOPE. Wrong.. I made my husband coffee, sat on my bottom, watched a movie with hubby, coddled fussy child, sat on my bottom some more, watched some tv, and then realized it was already 2:15 pm. Well there goes the gym (closes at 3 on Saturdays). Then We decide to in order to get the rest of the plans done, which included:
-working horses
-dragging the yard
Only one of those got done: as you can see which one. (My husband is being a doll dragging the yard)

My excuse? PARENTHOOD.. Yup.. Our little one screamed bloody murder for over an hour as I tried repeatedly to lay him down while limbo-ing the computer to do something, and ALSO trying to at least clean up the kitchen.. can I say NOPE, NOPE, NOPE. Nehemiah decided my day would end with him in my arms, you guessed it sucking on the boob for comfort. Sooo… for you mom’s/ dad’s out there, have you had one of those SERIOUSLY?! Kind of days.. when time just fly’s by and you don’t know what the heaby jeaby’s happened!? 🙂

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Hubby’s Perspective 5 key points he learned during pregnancy

By March 19, 2017 General, Parenting, parenting rant, Pregnancy, Randomness

So.. ur pregnant.. CONGRADULATIONS!! Now lets get real here, often times when the woman gets pregnant hubby/boyfriend/spouse gets put on the back burner.. I know I know.. I mean WE ARE the ones pushing a 7.. no 8.. no 9.. no maybe even 10 pound little one out our whoo hahs so really… I mean REAAALLLLLY does it matter if they’re put to the side a whee bit??

To be honest YES, the man is just as important in this journey as YOU ARE. I mean really you made this little one together didn’t you?? He’s ultimately the one who is going to be they’re threw the random crying sprees and every un-glamorous thing you didn’t even know about (don’t worry I’ll cover that on a later post) so for you guys out there I sat down and asked my Mr. what he didn’t realize would happen during my pregnancy.. SPOILER.. it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be!!

OK.. so in the movies they usually talk about ridiculous vomiting, crazy mood swings, cravings that knock him out of bed at 3 am, lack of sexual interest, and hair loss right?? These are five things he originally expected… But low and behold 5 things he didn’t expect..

1. She didnt wake me up or make me go get her food like I thought she would.. like what you watch in the movies, her cravings were actually pretty manageable.. some of them were still pretty gross though.. like raw onions. (Yes I know quite gross, but for some reason the last trimester I wanted to chomp on that they’re onion.. RAW)
2. NO ONE mentions that your going to fart more.. annnnddd so he was faced with the hard truth of me ripping some major butt puffs that NEITHER of us enjoyed.
3. Another thing no one mentions.. both DURING pregnancy and AFTER, your hormones are raging like crazy, therefore you SWEAT like an olympic athlete which again.. not so fun. can I say EWW?? say hello to 2 showers a day.. XD
4. You know how you watch those preggers movies and the girl is screaming at her husband while stuffing her face with a twinky and then 5 minutes later balling her eyes out begging for forgiveness?? Well According to hubby those movies re dramatized.. Although don’t worry I totally balled my eyes out randomly he said it was not nearly as bad as he was expecting.. Yay me!!

5. Ahhh SEX its what got you into these “Shenanigan’s” Right?? Don’t kid yourself.. its what happens when you do the NAST..AY. Anyways Personally our sex life didnt really change, even when I felt like a beached whale toward the end of pregnancy.. sex was well.. sexay as usual. =)

I will say I feel like the pregnancy was ALOT worse than what he remembers, but I guess that’s to be expected.. as a little secret.. your man’s t-shirts and jackets are WAY more comfortable than your own. 😉

AND as a last thought.. you men out they’re this was my hubby and I’s experience I have to say every pregnancy and individual is different.. but definately expect you shirts and sweaters to be stolen (It’s a comfort thing).. just remember support your boo threw the rough and the great.. It will all be WAY worth it in the end. 🙂

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The “Nitty Gritty” Parenthood Ramble

By March 4, 2017 General, Health, Parenting, Randomness

Ahhh parent hood.. Such a wonderful blessing and miracle of life, isnt it? Just the fact a woman has the ability to push a human being out of her who hah is amazing in itself. ;D .. not to mention how far technology has come to provide other means of bringing life into this world as well!! am I right?

In all seriousness though, what does it really take to be a parent? what is the “Nitty Gritty” of being a parent?  Simply put being a parent includes sacrifice. You are now responsible for a life.. pretty scary right? Take a breath its ok… you can stop pulling out your hair.  Although sacrifice includes lack of sleep, constant cold meals (which includes shoveling food down as if your in an eating competition), and a wheel barrows full of poopy diapers…


Well being a parent is looking at the life you just brought into this world and experiencing the most amazing form of love you could ever feel. It is truly an unexplainable miracle of crashing emotions. Emotions that include: Love (of course), fear, strength, determination, expectation… need I go on?? I didn’t think so…

Parenthood is waking up at 2..3…and 4 o’clock in the morning rubbing your eyes while changing a nasty blown out diaper wondering how the hell he/she could have accomplished such a blow out with a liquid diet of milk… no matter how healthy or shitty you eat.. I mean COME ON!!

Parenthood is for you women out there breast feeding… waking up countless times to simply shove your boob in his/her face so you can just get some shut eye while they’re eating, but then sadly jerking awake as they chomp on your nipple, And for you mamas/daddy’s feeding formula (I seriously commend you) waking up every couple hours to make a bottle.

Being a parent is walking in the other room to cry and scream in a pillow as your little one screams in the background and you have tried everything to comfort them… Its OK!!

See know one explains what being a parent really is the trials and tribulations you really go threw… because lets get real, it sure in the hell is not always this:

I think we can all agree the “Nitty Gritty” of parenthood is alot.. I mean I have literally only been a mother for six weeks now and the amount of effort it takes to be a parent is crazy. But that brings me to the next “Nitty Gritty” of parenthood:


YES! YES! YES! No matter what anyone tells you, wether you are a single mother/father, married, in a relationship, step parent, etc it is extremely important to know you CAN take a moment to yourself.

I know I know its hard, especially if they are a newborn, being a mother to a newborn myself it is extremely difficult to leave him. But it is extremely important for new parents and even parents with older children to not only have a moment to themselves (I call it the “Me Refreshment Time”)  you need time with friends, and if you have a spouse your relationship needs nurturing as much as your child!!

IT doesnt have to cost anything, just asking someone to watch baby/child while you have friends for dinner, go for a walk, have a self dance party (YES blare the music and shake all the stress of parenthood away). Believe me… It makes your JOB (Yes parenthood IS a JOB) soooo much easier..  (You can thank me later).

So the nitty gritty of parenthood is there is ALOT that goes into it including sleepless nights, some serious diaper duty, some days of both you and child crying, but also pure bliss and love… Just dont forget to give yourself some credit.. YOUR DOING GREAT… Give yourself a moment… and come back feeling refreshed. If all else fails LAUGH it off.. and PRAY for courage, strength, and guidance. <3<3<3<3


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Lets Get Real!

By March 2, 2017 General, human nature, Randomness

Lets take a second to talk a little bit about being random. What is Random? What qualifies randomness to be random? Is it OK to be random?

Randomness is simply put, the ability to do something unpredictable in that moment.

For example to be honest I recently started this blog out of pure boredom. Being a stay at home mother, my brain started to contemplate what I would be able to accomplish besides the repetitive cleaning, cooking, changing diapers, and lets not forget the pumping of the boobies. ;D

This is purely an act of randomness, thinking about something and then just deciding to go ahead and do it. Can you relate?

That brings me to the last question about randomness is it OK to be random?


Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes there needs to be a plan or a list made of what needs to be accomplished. But it is in human nature to be spontaneous and act out on things that just pop into our heads. Such as a spontaneous camping trip, going hiking even if you hate nature, or just bucking up and telling that boy you like them. This can extend as far as jumping in on a conversation about a random joke that pops in your head. Our world is full of random acts. We deal with them daily. Why am i talking about being random you ask?

Well first off let me introduce myself. My name is Brittany or Bratty Britt. I am 25 years old and the mother of healthy 6 week old baby boy and the wife to a wonderful husband. Now lets get down to the nitty gritty.

The reason I bring up the act of randomness is my blog is an act of randomness in itself. Boredom aside I want to be honest about the shenanigans I get into daily. This blog is a but load of honesty and randomness.

To conclude: first; being random is OK, I challenge you to get out and accomplish an act of something random today! second; strap in for the ride of your life. Third; please feel free to message me any questions you have. Being random included! Now ill catch you on he other side!!

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